Creative and production

Developing creative materials and sites for advertising campaigns – we write, draw, shoot and create:

  • Creative communication platforms.
  • Visual identity of the brand.
  • Sites and AR-applications.
  • Texts for posts, sites, scripts.
  • Key visuals and posts.
  • Craft content: photos and videos.
  • Animations and videos for any format.
  • Cross-digital special projects.

Digital media

We develop strategies and launch campaigns to promote the brand on the Internet.

  • Promotion strategies in digital.
  • Planning, placing, configuring media and contextual advertising campaigns.
  • Analysis of trends and behavior of the audience on the Internet.
  • Reporting online in dashboard.


Let’s build brands communication in social networks and messengers.

  • Strategies and content platforms for social media pages.
  • Supporting brands on the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkeDin, Viber, Telegram – creating and posting content, providing moderation.
  • Collaborations with thought leaders.
  • PPC support and monitor the implementation of KRI’s.
  • Reporting about the results on a monthly basis and develop recommendations for further steps.

Media planning

We work with data and scientific methods – we find new opportunities for proven media planning strategies.

  • Tracking changes in advertising perceptions and adapt proven media planning strategies to trends.
  • We invest in R&D, tools for assessing performance and optimizing advertising campaigns.
  • We use our own software to optimize advertising campaigns: Pizza, URL, OOH calculator and others.
  • We work with data and econometric tools: Model, GalaXY.
  • Analysis of data and sources of business growth.
  • Generating ideas and implementing non-standard communications.

Media placement

We find the best ways to reach the hearts of the target audience.

  • Due to the size of the agency, we have our price advantages in advertising on TV, Radio, Digital and outdoor advertising.
  • Conducting comprehensive 360 advertising campaigns with the calculation of total coverage.
  • We are one of the largest players in the market of sponsorship and non-standard communications.
  • Our clients are present in every top show on Ukrainian television in an integrated way: product usage, product placement and other events.